Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New challenge, new rules

Ok, a new challenge just begun and you're all SO welcome to participate and tell your friends to come join us too. And they should join now! Cause otherwise they might be to good for us - here's the new rule:

If you're entering the challenge when it's been running for a week or more, you can't have more kilometers than the leading runner already in the challenge. Like say the person in the lead has run 20 kilometers in this challenge and you join having run 32, then you can't join that very challenge, but you're more than welcome to sign up for the following challenge, just mail me at emi@lovegun.net

Also, some of you have wondered why my challenges aren't listed in the Nike+ galleries.
It's because if they are, male pro-level runners invariably join and I have to sort them out one by one and it's just a pain. They're trophy hunters and they never read the small print.

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