Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Lina sees

Lina is my neighbor. She lives across the street from me and said she would never be a runner. She was wrong. She will join the challenges as soon as she gets her Nike+ bracelet. 

She writes:

When I took this picture a very old woman asked me if I was a police officer searching for stolen cars. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First injury?

Today was a historic day for me. I passed the 500 km mark. I also experienced pain for the first time since I started running and limped home.

will this be my first injury? exciting.
at home, I was offered some consolation.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't let the Californians win this so easily

They're sporty, they're gorgeous, they have the Santa Monica pier, Hollywood, The Monterey aquarium, Deetjen's Inn, Big Sur, Hearst Castle, cute otters, sand dunes, Mickey Rourke, San Francisco, earth quakes and redwoods. The question is: should the Californians have this victory too?

Give them a tough challenge. 
Guro, Cilene, Josefina, - all of you. These Californians are the descendants of the people who left our part of the world. We have to show them our ancestors stayed cause they wanted to, not because they were too weak to get on the boat. 


(yeah, I haven't even run a km yet. I'm a descendant of the rotten few who hoarded potatoes and kept them to ourselves, not moving an inch either way.)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ian C Rogers shocker

Known to most people as a devoted husband, father, skater and 24K, 24/7/365  music/computer geek, Ian C Rogers is, as you all can see, also a dedicated runner. Meanwhile, gallery owner  Ciléne, known as one of Swedens top MILFs reigns this competition outside the box. 

But soon, perhaps even in our next challenge, Ciléne will be back within the orange square of Nike+ users. She's on her 6th  Nike+ set in less than a year. It might be her extraordinary magnetism that upsets the sensitive Nike+ apparatuses (yes, this is indeed one the correct plural forms of apparatus, I have checked so don't let it upset you.)

Born again runner Alpha Monkey continues to put in her kms day after day, delighting both herself, me and perhaps her dogs with her energy and dedication. 

The rest of you are equally worthy of cheer. This weather - this time of year, your running is one big finger to January: you're not letting January bring you down! Bow down January! 

With 75 kms to go, this challenge is still up in the air. Some of us have not even begun running yet. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Reen sees

This is the view from my run the other night. It's around where I work and live - Putrajaya. It's the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. I love running at night in the neighbourhood. It's well-lit and I get to cross my fave bridge in peace.

What Alpha Monkey sees

Alpha Monkey writes:
I am running on a treadmill right now for the cushion so my view is distorted by the screen. But I have the machine in what used to be an orchid greenhouse that I use as an office so I have glass on all four sides with a nice view. Which explains why, if I run after dark, I pull the curtains and my view is nothing. It is either that or feel like I am running in a lighted aquarium. Also, at least one dog tends to sit and stare at me. They look slightly betrayed at not having gotten out to run with me, but are quick to forgive.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Calling South America and Africa

Running in South America or Africa? Please join us, I'd like to be able to say that we have runners from all continents running with us!

What Heidi sees and wears

One of the runs I like to do is through Golden Gate park to the new
Renzo Piano building, around the loop to the De Young museum, and then
back out through the park
says Heidi, who's running in San Fran just like Marjan below. Who knows, perhaps they pass each other on their runs.

This is all Heidi has to put on when she goes running. I'm so jealous.

What Marjan sees

Marjan Esfandiari is a past winner who runs with us in San Francisco. The Californians haven't had to bundle up like us Scandinavians, this picture was taken in the Golden Gate park just the other day!

What Christine sees

Christine runs with us in California. 
This is what it looks like on her runs. 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Meet the winners - Linda B

I've never met Linda, but feel like I know her anyway. When she had 17 kms to run to beat Heidi, I thought she'd just might do it. And she did. Linda is a copywriter who lives in Lidingö, just like me. But she's much younger and she once studied to become a doctor. She also knows how to skate really well. As you can tell, she favors heel- and toeless pantyhose.

How did you get involved in the runwithe challenges?

Like many others, I’ve been an addicted follower since Letters To Marc Jacobs and The End Consumer.

Have you always been a runner? If not, how did you get started?
Yes and no. I started when I was about eleven and my figure skating trainer made us run in the summers when we didn’t have any ice to practice on. I hated it. Since then, I’ve either been running compulsively or not at all.

Why do you run?

For a number of different reasons! I run to get in shape, to be able to eat whatever I want (a.k.a. chocolate and white bread and French fries and more) without feeling bad, to be happy and to feel better about myself in general.
This time I ran thanks to Heidi. I really wanted to win.

How often do you run?

Hard to say – it depends on my mood and on the weather. Sometimes once every three weeks, sometimes five times a week.

When do you run?

Usually in the mornings. But when it’s this dark outside it’s hard getting up, so I try to compensate by running during the weekends instead.

Do you run alone or together with someone?
Sometimes alone, sometimes with my boyfriend.

How far do you usually run?
About 7 km.

What kind of shoes do you run in?
Asics Kayano. I love them!

Any equipment you long for?
No, not really. I’ve bought it all so I wont have any excuses not to run…

What music do you run to?

Loud music that keeps me from hearing my breathing.
My playlist right now:
Coldplay – Viva la Vida
Kleerup/Titiyo – Longing for Lullabies
A Flock of Seagulls – I Ran (So Far Away)
Alphaville – The Jet Set
Kleerup/Robyn – With Every Heartbeat
Michael Sembelo - Maniac

How do you beat the "I don't want to go running" moods?
Usually I don’t. But if I have a chance of winning a challenge it helps.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where you are

Chile, Australia, I see you but know you don't run with us - yet? Come join! Reen, that's you in Malaysia, right?

Guro's view

Hi, here is a picture from my run today, 8 kms in -7. The location is Sognsvann in Oslo.

Cold weather running gear

Missing in pic: Gloves. 
Oops. Watch that little hand!

Too late. 

new challenge starts jan 20

New winner

Linda B brings home the victory! A shock to all of us, perhaps mostly to herself. 
And Heidi, I see you as a worthy champion too. Next challenge will be for 100 km. I urge you all to join thomas's challenge for 1000 kms in 2009, that way, no kilometer is run in vain. Just mail me at and I'll forward you!

The great thing about 100 monkeys (as thomas's challenge is called) is that every single kilometer that you've run since Jan 2 will count!


Do this for me. For us.

Just this once, bring a cellphone on your next run and snap a picture of your running grounds. I'm so curious about what it looks like where you run all over the world. If you hate bringing stuff on your run, just take a picture post-running of what you wore during the run. I will post all of it here. And I will start by posting a pic of my cold running gear from yesterday as soon as my man and son wake up in the room where that stuff is.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Running with nylons

Running with nylon pantyhose on was a pretty good idea, but opting for the control top version was a lousy decision. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Heidi, just one more run!

and victory is yours. you've really kept going. 

-9 again

I went running this morning, leaving the kids with two talkative men, aka their grand fathers. It was so so so cold. It was so cold, tears were streaming down my face as I ran. I was wearing fleecelined tights, but still froze. Tomorrow I'll try Megans advice and run with nylons beneath. Also finally bought a runners jacket. Whoever said "running is cheap - all you need is a pair of shoes" never spent their running winters in Sweden. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jenny S is on a roll

Usually, winners take a little break after their victories, but as you can see, Jenny S just keeps going and going and going. 

Are you up for this?

My friend Thomas is challenging friendly runners to run 1000 kilometers in 2009. 
Are you up for it? Mail me and I'll tell Thomas to add you too!
My mail is

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Meet the winners - Jenny!

Jenny is one of those smart foxy blondes that make up 78 percent of the female part of the Swedish population. The rest of us are smart foxy brunettes and redheads. I've never met Jenny, which is a little weird, considering that she works just a few hundred meters from where I live. She's a producer. And no, that's not yellow Evian she's drinking, it's cheap and sour white wine. 

Jenny's victory in this challenge was fast and definite. This is how Jenny runs:

How did you get involved with runwithe?
My very good friend Linda Börjesson told me about runwithe when I told her I wanted to start running. I liked the idea with having my own personal trainers on the web cheering for me and challenging me.

(editors note: that's lindab for those of you who are now familiar with the other runners user names)

Have you always been a runner?
No! I used to hate to run! But one day (5 months ago) I heard about
Nike + iPod and I decided to try it as a challenge.

Why do you run?
Women running look so powerful and cool. I want to be that too. And
also loose some weight.

How often do you run?
I try to run at least 3 times a week.

When do you run?
I run mainly before work at the gym on the treadmill. I like to have it
done so I can do some yoga or fitness training after work.

Do you run alone or together with someone?
Always alone. Can´t run and talk so its meaningless to have someone
with me.

How far do you usually run?
Nowadays I run about 5 km. I remember when I thought 5 km was a

What kind of shoes do you run in?
When I started to run I bought a pair Saucony Omni. My feet and knees
love them and so do I!

Any other equipment you dream of?
An arm pouch for my iPod would be nice!

What music do you listen to when you run?
Often its music I wouldn´t listen to if I didn´t run. I need the beat.
Be my world - Milky is really good!

How do you beat the "I don't want to go running moods?"
I don´t run! I think my body tells me when its enough. But it´s easy
to get lazy so I need to listen carefully if it´s just laziness or a tired
body. If its not a tired body I go to the gym and just run.
thanks for your replies Jenny!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


are you getting annoyed that the challenges end before you get to win?
That the kilometers you run on the way are somehow wasted when the challenges end?
Because you're nowhere near the set distance but was intending to run the whole 50 kilometers or so and now you have to start from scratch?

remember you can set your own goals at nike+, that way no kilometer is lost. just like any kilometer you run is never in vain. my current goal looks like this:

new challenge starts jan 11

it's another short one -just 50 kms. I wanted to make it longer but messed up so you have to live with this. 

Friday, January 9, 2009


ni som läser på svenska kan läsa dessa bra människors bloggar som delvis handlar om träning och mat.

Ska träna varje dag under 2009.
Är DNs utsända i ett nytt liv av keso och träning
Ska springa en halvmara och har hittat sitt träningsprogram för att göra det under 2 timmar. 


how far should we run the next time? do you prefer shorter or longer goals?
what distance would you like to go for?
50 kms? 60? 70?

Jenny S, don't you want to win this?

Taking us all by surprise, Jenny rushes to the top of the game. But even more shocking is that Jenny has only 0.5 km to go to bring home the victory. 500 meters. What made you stop short of that? Cilene, mcmarj, will you take this chance to beat Jenny?

This challenge was so fast! I'm starting a new one as soon as Jenny runs her measly 500 meters. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meet the winners -Meaghan!

Meaghan Edwards lives in Toronto with her new husband. They're having as cold a time as we are up there, but she keeps running all the same. Meaghan is a researcher at a MukiBaum treatment centre for adults and children with complex disabilities. Other things she likes to do: hang out with her hubby, read great books, spend time with her family, talk politics, have adventures and generally try to enjoy the city as much as possible. 

This is how Meaghan runs.

How did you get involved in the runwithe challenges? 
Well I also have a certain affection/obsesssion with marc jacobs so I got here via LTMJ and later the end consumer

Have you always been a runner? 
Even now I don't think of myself as a runner...and I only won this challenge because snow and holidays prevented all of us ladies from reaching the end ;) But I do like to run and I guess I've been doing it for about 3 years.

Why do you run? 
Running is something I do to clear my head-it keeps me sane. Usually :)

How often do you run? 
about 4 times a week

When do you run? 
always always early morning before other things get in the way

Do you run alone or together with someone
I don't think I could run with other people---

what's your favourite route? 
That depends on the weather--I sometimes love parks and I sometimes love spying in shop windows for sales...

How far do you usually run? 
5-6 k sometime less sometimes more

What kind of shoes do you run in? 
Nike something or others at the moment

What music do you run to? 
I love to run to indie rock songs that make me move, old school hip hop, the ramones, MIA, nneka and whatever I happen to stumble upon. I love a good audio book too.

How do you beat the "I don't want to go running" moods? 
I really don't try to beat them--I just don't go. But I usually want to run unless I'm sick or it's colder than -15. I'm just a geek like that.

thanks meaghan!

Monday, January 5, 2009

-11 grader. 14 degrees fahrenheit

I ran past this house, trying to imagine a former life there as countess, maid or gardener.

And then past the little badstuga.
It was so cold. my coldest run.

Two days prior, I'd been running with double tights. That didn't work. I felt like running with a frozen leg of lamb in each leg of my pants. very stiff.

then bought fleece lined windproof winter tights. that worked at first, but then I really started freezing. also experienced the bizarre feeling of sweating above the waist and super freezing below.

it was beautiful though. always something.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What Reen saw

Reen runs with us in Malaysia. This was her view today.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

SO cold. but beautiful.

Today it's so cold we had to scrape off ice from the inside of the car windows.
These are some of the views from my run.

Friday, January 2, 2009

saying things I*m likely to regret

tomorrow I will run, and I will take pictures during the run!
I challenge you to do the same. I will post all pictures taken during a run.