Monday, January 11, 2010

They kind of look like socks.

No regular shoes allowed. Monkey feet welcome.
Yes it was boring.
My new heroes.

Ran 5 K in my Vibrams, listening to Kanye's perfect-for-running "Flashing Lights". It was an odd feeling running in these. A feeling of "I could get used to this. I should try to get used to this".

A new beginning

Going running with my Vibram Five Fingers for the first time today. Am planning on running 5 k on the treadmill, can anything be more boring. On the upside, I ran 5 k on the treadmill both Sat and Sun so perhaps I'm getting used to it. One can always hope!

Forgot my Nike+ shoes though, so will have to run 5k and have 3 identical runs. But the kms were run so it's not cheating. My goal of 2010 is to get closer to 10 k in 50 mins and to reach my next Nike+ level. Just about 1350 k to go.

Run with me!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New goals

Nike has fucked up this thing and the blog will now be about.... I don't know, perhaps my personal experiences with running.

We'll see. I haven't decided yet. Am still dealing with anger issues towards Nike.

I went running yesterday, on the treadmill. It was so boring. But afterwards, as always, I felt amazing.