Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Before and after - Ciléne!

Here's super runner Cilene before and after a recent 9,36 km run. The second pic was supposed to show the icicles that had formed in her hair during the run.

Before and after - Maja!

Here's Maja before and after her run! Before she says she was: tired & grumpy. After: happy and energized!
She adds "if it's like 5 below (celsius) I treat myself to some hot blueberry soup before I shower". Sounds so good.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cold weather running

Some of you have asked what I'm wearing to run outside in this weather.

This is what I put on now. I LOVE my new CRAFT BUTTWARMERS!
  • running tank with built in bra
  • buttwarmers
  • socks
  • fleecelined tights
  • icebreaker merino underlayer
  • windbreaker
  • hat
  • gloves
  • kid neckwarmer
Missing in pic: shoes and regular underwear.

And this is what it looked like outside and how I felt (mute if you don't like the sound of a healthy woman panting):

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Before and after - Cilla

Before run: Tired next to happy Eva
After - now in the same mood as Eva was in previous pic! Running fills you with toddler-age happiness!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Run to this!

Running music, thanks BRITA Z!

BEfore and after- ÅSA!

I received a mail from Åsa, who said she'd browsed through this blog to get inspired to run. Somehow it worked, cause look at the after picture, with cat!
Running will do this to you!

It was so cold yesterday, I was in no mood to run either but I felt that if I had inspired Åsa else, she could inspire me too! So I went out!

I ran a distance I know is 5 k, my iphone said 2,88 k because it's an apple product, made in california, where they never have to run in weather as freezing as ours!
It was -12 C or 10.4 degree Fahrenheit. Sissies.

Ps. I was wearing too little, my ass and thighs were freezing! let this be a lesson to me! those body parts were so freezing I ran with almost straight legs. Ridiculous.
And it was dark.

After. I look crazy here, mostly because I hated Nike+ for failing me after my heroic burst.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


How are you doing out there? Only 3 weeks til Christmas!
This week, aim to run 3 kms without stopping, alternatively run for 21 minutes without stopping. For each workout from now on, add 1 minute of running time so that in 5 workouts from now, you've run 25 minutes continuously. keep doing this until You've run 30 minutes without stopping in time for Christmas.

You can do it now, if you've done your work. If you haven't don't panic.

Then just extend your own deadline til say January? February?
The more you run, the easier it will get and the more you will love it.

The other day I thought to myself:

If what I have to do to stay in shape, sleep better, be happier and have more energy is to spend half an hour moving to music I love a few times a week, is that so bad? NO.

If this perky attitude annoys you - great, the hormones activated by anger - adrenaline etc, is actually not a bad thing when working out.