Sunday, March 22, 2009

Molly in the lead and this is what she sees

Molly runs with us in Illinois. She wrote me earlier in the week:
I was finally able to go outside today for my run! (I am not as geared up for the weather like the rest of you ladies) It was exhilarating! I have been cooped up in a stuffy gym on a treadmill. But now that the weather has broke(it was 36 F) and the canal path is no longer flooded I have a place to go. I live on top of a bluff. So my path down to the canal in the valley winds up and down through the streets
to the historic little downtown, then leads to the old canal path.  
There is the I&M canal on one side of the wooded path and old quarries that were used to build our churches and town. Now they are full of water and home to tons of wildlife. I will be running outside as much as possible from now on!!! :) Just wanted to share what a beautiful morning it was! Thanks...Molly

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Heidi said...

I love these shots Molly. -h