Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Meet the winners - Doris

Doris says she's not a great example of a runner, I beg to disagree! This charming woman has won several of our most recent challenges. She loves running, it makes her feel great and she makes sure she gets the running in.

Where do you live and what do you do when you're not running or being a mom?
I live in Vancouver. I am an anesthesiologist but I'm taking a year off after having my third baby.

How did you start running? For how long have you been running?

I'm not really a runner but I've always tried to run. I restarted running about 8 months ago. I'm slow. Really slow. Painfully slow. Old men with walkers and on oxygen pass me.

When do you go running and where? Do you have a favorite run?
I run in the mornings on the trails by my house. My favorite run is when it's over.

What do you like best about running?
How I feel when it's done. Happy.

How did you find Run with E?
On Heidi Swanson's blog. End consumer is hilarious BTW.

Thank you Doris!


Lina said...

Congrats Doris!!

smartwool said...

That was a great interview! Very cool and interesting! Nice one! :)