Monday, January 11, 2010

A new beginning

Going running with my Vibram Five Fingers for the first time today. Am planning on running 5 k on the treadmill, can anything be more boring. On the upside, I ran 5 k on the treadmill both Sat and Sun so perhaps I'm getting used to it. One can always hope!

Forgot my Nike+ shoes though, so will have to run 5k and have 3 identical runs. But the kms were run so it's not cheating. My goal of 2010 is to get closer to 10 k in 50 mins and to reach my next Nike+ level. Just about 1350 k to go.

Run with me!


Genevieve said...

How exciting! The Vibrams sound like so much fun!!
I ran at our gym yesterday, which I normally dread because of the loud thumping music, man smells, and harsh lights. However...yesterday I was very very cranky (lack of runs, perhaps??) and hit the sweet spot about 2k in - that special place where it all comes together. I burst into that happy, big grin and it stayed for the rest of my workout (and the feeling has remained :) ). Ahhh...

Lulu said...

I ran on the treadmill at the gym on Saturday, and I have to admit that I love it! This time of year the fog sinks deep into my lungs, and the wind in my ears makes it hard to warm up all day, so being inside is a delight and the ability to zone out/focus deeply is a side benefit.

This morning, there was a woman on a treadmill ahead of me - she had just passed mile 5 of interval sprints and was grinning like crazy. She's my new hero.

emi guner said...

WOnderful to have you here, running with me!

pearl izumi said...

I heard a lot of reviews about that five fingers, they said that it was really a MUST-have! Want to try it! :)
Nice blog, very interesting.Keep it up!