Saturday, January 1, 2011

Question for you runners

How has running changed your body?


Maja said...

My body feels more sore, but energized. Also, I have this strange urge for going out sweating when the roads are covered with thick layers of ice and snow. That usually makes me wanna stay inside. And my ass feels tighter.

Tove said...

When I started running last summer (following the Couch to 5 K program) I watched in amazement as muscles I'd never seen before emerged on my thighs. Also, and obviously, my endurance improved dramatically (in September I did the 10 K during the Oslo Marathon - slowly, but I finished happy). On the downside, my body now regulates temperature much more efficiently. Read: I sweat more and much sooner than I used to.

My running as almost come to a stop this winter, partly due to laziness from my side, and partly to repeated bronchitis. BUT as soon as I get better, I'll start running again - I miss it:-)

j said...

My legs have so much definition! Still have a bit of a spare tyre though!


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