Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meet the winners 2 - Clara

Clara won the "Run for victory. And great legs."-challenge. She really does have great legs. Clara is a talented copywriter, a wonderful friend and a hilarious dinner companion. She lives in the apartment of your dreams with her handsome husband and lovely kids. You want her around, like, all the time. Just perhaps not when you're in a competition. Cause she's likely to win. In her high school days, she was a very fast junior sprinter and hedge runner.

How often do you run?

I aim for 3 times a week, but that never happens cause life is so unpredictable.

What time do you prefer to go running?
Always at night, preferably before dinner, but sometimes after. Am too tired in the mornings.

Do you run alone or with somebody else?
It's just me. Me against time!

How far do you usually run?
At least 5kms but not further than 10 (so far) and everything in between.

What shoes do you run in?
New Balance

What music do you run to?
No music so far. The sounds of my breathing and panting are my only company. I will start running to music, I just haven't made any playlists yet. I think it will improve my running even more.

What do you like about running?

I like being outdoors, spending some time by myself. I also enjoy watching my own improvement.

Any winning secrets?
Try to consider your running as a privilege. Think of running as a moment of luxury instead of as a disgusting thing you need to carry out. Go running even when you don't feel like it. You'll never regret a run, but you're likely to regret not running.

Try to find your winning instinct, I'm sure it's there somewhere. When you find it, you're invincible.


Enna said...

Congrats Clara!

Christina said...

Is there a new challenge?
Grattis Clara, grattis Karin!