Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Where are you running today? What's the weather like? What are you wearing? What are you listening to?

curious greetings from someone who's had problem getting running lately.


Guro said...

I will be running in the woods north of Oslo this evening, hopefully. Playlist will be reported later.

By the way, I wish it was a way to show song titles in the Nikeplus interface. I am sure my curve is influenced by the songs.

linda said...

I have a cold and haven't been running at all! Which is sad, because I have brand new too-expensive-cool-magic-super-shoes, and for once actually WANT to run.
In the meantime I try to cure myself by eating cheese and drinking red wine. I think it works.
I'll try to catch up with you as soon as I get better!

Enna said...

It's rainy and humid here. I will not be running, though I might be doing the stairs in my apartment building. Does that count?

ian c rogers said...

Not running today because I kinda have the stomach flu, but yesterday I ran down to the ocean from my house. It's about 20 minutes each way, and uphill most of the way home so running a reverse split is a real challenge.

My friend Vince just talked me into joining so I bought the little Nike shoe thing yesterday on Amazon. When it arrives, GAME ON.

Lulu said...

I ran a week ago for the first time in a month (?!), and breathing the windy fall air got me sick immediately. Back at it tomorrow morning, I hope!