Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I won!
I can't interview myself. You have any questions for me?

ps. new challenge now. Most of you have been invited. If not,it's because you don't have the Nike+ thing or your profile is not listed as public.
Mail me and I'll add you.


Lulu 17,9 km

Ciléne 22,86

ps. unknown perk of motherhood: teaching your baby to say "mommy won"


Josefina said...

Grattis grattis grattis!

Väldigt imponerande. Gick du upp 6:30 för att springa?

Ciléne said...

I have questions... with 3 kids, how do you find the time to run? When? And I want to know your playlist.
And congrats!

R said...

I knew you'd win this one :) Congrats Emi!

What goes on your mind while running?

I curious to know if that 'power song' feature really works for you? This q actually goes to everyone too :)


R said...

btw, would love to read your answers the questions posted to the recent winners too.

Lulu said...


Where would you most like to run? Someplace on your normal route? Somewhere you've been and can't forget? A place you've never been?

Alpha Monkey said...

How is your foot feeling? Also, how did you celebrate the victory?

Heidi said...

Way to go Emi! Congrats.