Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meet the winners - Emi

Ciléne said...
I have questions... with 3 kids, how do you find the time to run? When? And I want to know your playlist.

Anders is a runner and encourages me to run so whenever he's home, I can go running. When he's not, I could go running with the stroller which I hate. Luckily for me, my dad works from home and lives nearby so I often have him come down and read to Niki for half an hour while I run. My mom babysits too, when she has the time. But the secret is really that I go running when there's time, not when I feel like it.  I don't have the luxury of feeling inspired.

R said...
What goes on your mind while running? I’m curious to know if that 'power song' feature really works for you?

My mind is often blank when I run, very focused on the running and the song. I think "I'm running running running" while I sing along. It's meditative. Other times I go over work, kids, relationships. I never use the power song thing anymore. In the beginning I used it a lot. Deeper and deeper with Madonna helped me become a stronger runner. 

Lulu said...
Where would you most like to run? Someplace on your normal route? Somewhere you've been and can't forget? A place you've never been?

I'm your cliche runner - dreaming of running in the parks of big cities - Hyde Park or Central Park. Or through the streets of Paris, along the banks of the Seine. I love cities. Would also love to run in Sicily, Tuscany, Oregon and New Hampshire. The place where I live is ridculously pretty and perfect for running. Meadows and horses and lambs and birds and wooden fences and forests and little brooks and a little bay. 

Alpha Monkey said...

How is your foot feeling? Also, how did you celebrate the victory?

My foot is so much better, thanks for asking! I celebrated by eating out with the kids. I had red meat (organic lamb) and potatoes au gratin. Very good. Also tried on a dress I can't afford. But it looked great, which was kind of a reward in itself. 

let me also thank all you people for running with me and making running so much fun! I run for myself but the unexpected community you've created together with me means so much. To my surprise, I'm currently in better shape than I've ever been in my life! At 37, with three kids! Who knew?!?!?!? I started running to have energy to play with my kids and to work and enjoy life.  ! How well it paid off!

What prize did I pay for this happiness? The boobs have left the building. Completely. Though, for a runner, I guess this is actually an advantage. 


Lina said...

Nämen grattis, jag hann inte fixa en fråga, den hade nog blivit om du får prestationsångest eller inspiration av att leva tillsammans med en långdistanslöpare;)

Ciléne said...

but the playlist Emi, the playlist!

Anonymous said...

Tack för att du ger mig hoppet att det går att kombinera tre (små) barn med löpning. Jag hoppas att du fortsätter med dina tävlingar efter sommaren, då jag planerar att återkomma. Troligtvis väldig långsamt men med järnvilja och en babyjogger.


Anonymous said...

"Meadows and horses and lambs...."

you sound like you run in a storybook. :) lovely