Monday, October 5, 2009

Meet the winners - Annika Ekdahl Nordh

Lovely Annika Ekdahl Nordh is one of my favorite moms at school and daycare. Her daughter My is one of Vanja's closest friends. Her son Max shares many things with Joel. Like right now, chicken pox. Annika is currently in Moscow at a wedding, but she'll be back soon.

Annika ran like crazy to bring home the victory.

How does it feel?
Great, thank you! I had really made up my mind this time. It was my turn to win.

What was your strategy?
To take the lead early on, and never let it go.

How often did you run? And how far?
As it turned out, I had to run more or less every day to keep up against Nikki and Clara. Mostly, I ran 7 km runs but every now and then I ran 12k and 6k too.

And now, how much are you running now?
Not much. My legs need some rest!

Congratulations Annika!


Anonymous said...

congrats annika!


Nikki said...

Congrats Annika! I was in the final weeks of training for my first 10k race and am now also enjoying a bit of a break from the long runs. :)

fifijj said...

Congratulations Annika! Great front running :)

Lina said...