Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fallen off the wagon

So help me! I haven't run in ages.


C said...

I've lost it too. What shall we do?

Ciléne said...

Get your ass going NOW! We depend upon you. We love you. Run, run, run.

Ciléne said...

And give us another challenge! Please.

Karen said...

It's my day off, I'm sitting in my warm flat looking through the window. It's cold outside and in a couple of hours it will be dark too. I don't want to run, but I only manage to do it twice a week as it is. It's now or never. I turn to 'run with e' for inspiration only to find that you, emi, of all people, have lost your running mojo. This is serious. I am now going to run, and with the power of positive thinking I am going to will you to run too. Just put on your warmest running clothes, then listen to Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones (this works for me!!) do a bit of Jagger dancing while you warm up (optional) and then get out of the door before you can change your mind.
DO IT!!!!