Monday, November 30, 2009

What now?

what do you want the next challenge to be about?
I'm thinking lefties.

My left foot.
Lisa Left Eye Lopez.
Elvis has left the building.

but if you have a better idea, bring it on. Personally I loved running for the pandemic of 1918.


Doris said...

Running for sweets....cookies, cake etc....oops I mean that's why i run!

miss.z said...

Doris, I had the exact same idea! I am running for all the Christmas treats I will be eating over the next month...

C said...

I couldn't agree more. Life is not made to diet. Running makes us able to enjoy.
So I have a suggestion:

The Perfect Match Challenge

Great Cheese & Red Wine
Chocolate & Coffee
Oysters & Champagne (or rather & Chablis)
Gingerbread & Tea
Snow & Hot Chocolate
Ice & Vodka

X Clara

C said...

And I like the left idea too. But then, of course, we need leftovers.
You not only make us run.
You also make us hungry!

ps I hope we soon get to chase you, Emi & Doris!