Monday, December 13, 2010

BEfore and after- ÅSA!

I received a mail from Åsa, who said she'd browsed through this blog to get inspired to run. Somehow it worked, cause look at the after picture, with cat!
Running will do this to you!

It was so cold yesterday, I was in no mood to run either but I felt that if I had inspired Åsa else, she could inspire me too! So I went out!

I ran a distance I know is 5 k, my iphone said 2,88 k because it's an apple product, made in california, where they never have to run in weather as freezing as ours!
It was -12 C or 10.4 degree Fahrenheit. Sissies.

Ps. I was wearing too little, my ass and thighs were freezing! let this be a lesson to me! those body parts were so freezing I ran with almost straight legs. Ridiculous.
And it was dark.

After. I look crazy here, mostly because I hated Nike+ for failing me after my heroic burst.


Anonymous said...

Hei Emi!

When you run in the winter, do you use shoes with spikes? And if so, what brand?

Figuring out how to handle the Oslo snow...


emi guner said...

I haven't used spikes - yet! But friends tell me they're great!