Wednesday, December 1, 2010


How are you doing out there? Only 3 weeks til Christmas!
This week, aim to run 3 kms without stopping, alternatively run for 21 minutes without stopping. For each workout from now on, add 1 minute of running time so that in 5 workouts from now, you've run 25 minutes continuously. keep doing this until You've run 30 minutes without stopping in time for Christmas.

You can do it now, if you've done your work. If you haven't don't panic.

Then just extend your own deadline til say January? February?
The more you run, the easier it will get and the more you will love it.

The other day I thought to myself:

If what I have to do to stay in shape, sleep better, be happier and have more energy is to spend half an hour moving to music I love a few times a week, is that so bad? NO.

If this perky attitude annoys you - great, the hormones activated by anger - adrenaline etc, is actually not a bad thing when working out.



Anonymous said...

I'm riding my bike in the snow.

Maja said...

I'm running again after one month of illness. Among the things I wished for christmas, new running gear and Nike+ are on the top of my list!