Thursday, May 29, 2008

This is where we're starting

  • 3 kids
  • work
  • little/no money for other activities
  • adrenaline
  • favorite jeans
  • it feels so good

these are all reasons I've taken up running

have to clean up now, but soon I will tell you what music I'm running to.
if you tell me what you're running to.


L said...

Okay, e, I'm with you, if you write in English. I'll still be with you if you write in Swedish, but I might be headed in the wrong direction. Here's where I am:

--reuperating from broken knee
--big dreams, empty wallet
--kindergartener who thinks he's The Flash, the world's fastest human!
--pre-pregnancy jeans, five years old now, still don't quite fit
--I'm listening to A cause des garcons (Yelle), Mama Told Me Not To Come (Tom Jones with the Stereophonics) and Wild Wild Life (the Talking Heads).

Lulu said...

I'm with you if you write in English! Here's my status:
- recently moved to europe where somehow I can justify eating chocolate daily
- energy to run in the morning being thwarted by later evening schedule
- missing the endorphins
- listening to Bonde do Role, Witchcraft, and the old exercise standby, Queens of the Stone Age.

jenny said...

i wish i could run with you. i could run in english, but would lag seriously behind in swedish. i might have to start out walking, but here's where i'm starting from:

--i live with the world's strongest girl, pippi longstocking, so the incentive to be strong, too, just to keep up, is great
--am often defeated by inertia
--long to move my body
--am deeply embarrassed by years of sloth
--am currently listening to blonde redhead, bonnie prince charlie (which, admittedly, not the greatest for exercising), and X.

-e said...

YAY! so happy to have you on board!
we'll be running!

are you keeping track of your own progress, or are you letting Nike do it for you, like I am?

Anonymous said...

Swedish, English, whatever. I guess I'm with you. Does running on a cross trainer count? Real roads are too jarring on my joints. You see, I'm a 29 year old trapped in a 43 year old woman's body.

Two kids.
No money.
Many wobbly bits.
No energy.

I listen to:
Step Up : Ja Confetti
If I should fall from grace with God : The Pogues
Stronger : Kanye West
Start Wearing Purple : Gogol Bordello
Fi er min : Natasja

God løbetur!