Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday run

I didn't run yesterday, but today, Saturday I did. Before breakfast, running on empty. It was hard, but made a little easier with the help of Blondie and Clash, the latter with some of the weakest backing vocals I've ever heard. Touching.

Tomorrow, Kylie! Did you run today? How far? How fast?


-e said...

if you don't comment and tell me about your progress or lack thereof, I'll quit this!we're in this together. 0 comments is so lonely.

L said...

Today I walked around the lake for 45 minutes. I listened to "Big Girls Are Best" by U2, "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen, and "She Was a Big-Boned Gal from Southern Alberta" by KD Lang. A duck overtook me in the fast lane, as did seven extremely fit Jewish retirees in wheelchairs, but it's a start. And my knee looks a little less like a bag of oatmeal today, I'm convinced of it.

ap-cilla said...

hellacopters record "by the grace of god"
always. i can't run to anything else. kind of boring. but i have to breath in a special way (exhale 3 times, inhale 2 times, exhale 3 times, inhale 2 times) and i forget that if i listen to something new.

5 k, 30 minutes. friday morning. hated it. better luck next time.

-e said...

Where are you l? Where are you ap-cilla? I love running with you! Next time on the treadmill, I'll picture the Jewish retirees as I'm trying running to hellacopters!

Lulu said...

ap-cilla - I breathe that way too, and it limits what I can listen to. I need to readjust my ipod for running. Last time I ran I listened to bonde do role, which makes me feel like dancing instead of running, then something else that annoyed me.

Friday I went dancing instead of running - Jackson 5 and a turkish cover of "Rock the Casbah" allowed me to get a full workout in!