Thursday, June 5, 2008


So yesterday I didn't run, but watched babies and saw my friend Lotta. But today I ran and it went well and I'm happy about that pouch for the Nike+ thing so I can run outdoors with regular non-Nike+ shoes and still get valuable help and cheers from Lance Armstrong.

I've also created a program for us, ladies.
Are you with me? Would you like to start tomorrow or Saturday?

I've never experienced runner's high. When suddenly it's so easy to run that you don't really have to think about it.

At a recent dinner we discussed this and sounded like 13-year olds discussing orgasms.

"I think maybe it happened to me once".

"It's happened to me, it was the greatest."

"I've never even been close. I don't think I'm ever going to experience it."

One friend described it as feeling your head floating through air.
She'd experienced it, but only after running so hard she really thought she'd die.

Have you experienced it?
I ran so hard today (for me), I was sweating more than I have in years. I ran 3 km. You can laugh now.

And you need to know that 24-K's Don't Go There is the best running song for unfit people. You can't be still while hearing it.

Today marks an important change for me - friskis&svettis are closing their baby sitting services for the summer. And next week they're closing all together, for a brief renovation project. This means I have to start running outdoors, without the help of the friendly helpful treadmill.
I'm scared.


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jenny said...

you can do it! i am still here, tho' i am not running, as it is currently 39 degrees here in brooklyn. too darn hot. but i like your program, and if it comes with such lovely decorated toast at the end of it, i'm IN.