Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday and Monday

I went to the gym both yesterday and today.
Yesterday, with the kids. I felt almost guilty for bringing the kids, don't they move enough?
But they liked it so much, Vanja went to three classes in a row.
Joel only to one, Family workout.

And in between that, I managed to run.
I love the treadmill, I need it, with its friendly display of time, incline and speed.
I think I'm getting stronger, but it's still pain. Though I love pretending I'm strong and sweaty like Linda Hamilton. Or Clarice.
You hear what decade I'm still living in.
Yes, that would be a different millennium.

Today I brought only one kid to the gym and discovered one of the benefits of headphones - you can't hear your baby scream.

I did my workout and then picked her up. I think Niki screamed for perhaps 5 minutes, in the arms of kind babysitting ladies. Turns out all she was asking for was a mashed banana, she just couldn't verbalize it. But thanks to the powers of my psychic mind, I could give it to her and put an end to the screaming. Unfortunately, mashing the banana meant no time left for weights.

oh well.

I ran to Kylie, over and over again. try it!


jenny said...

you are a running machine! I suggest you find a copy of the brand new new yorker magazine and read the haruki murakami piece on running. it made me think of you. it's not on the website, i am sorry to say. perhaps i will stick it in the mail for you.

-e said...

yes! please do!

jenny said...

in the mail.