Monday, October 13, 2008

iPod woes

I lost my iPod in Spain, but thought I had all my runs saved on my computer.
Important notice: your runs are only stored on your iPod until you upload them to

There are 20 kms that only I know about. You will never see them. Until, I guess, til you look at the rock that is my body!

On the plus-side, it might be good to know that the white flat nike+ thingie that you plug into the iPod survives a good warm/hot wash cycle.


Jenny Serneholt said...

Någon som har råkat ut för att ipoden inte hittar sensorn? Sprang på men den hittar den inte. Försökte med att starta om ipoden men det fungerar inte i alla fall!

Koko said...

Well, jag vet inte what she just said, but I think you should join us the non+ runners!