Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meet the winners 4 -Marjan Esfandiari

Foxy Marjan Esfandiari is the most recent runwithe challenge winner. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and works as an assistant buyer at an online retailer. But in the picture above, she's visiting Sweden, enjoying a tasty tunnbrödsrulle. I've never met Marjan in real life, but that doesn't matter when you run together. Only this time Marjan ran longer in a shorter period of time than I did. Than any of us did. Here's how Marjan did it all.

How did you get involved in the runwithe challenges?
I found runwithe through lftec (and ltmj before that). The runwithe challenges actually came at a perfect time when I really needed the extra motivation to run/exercise.

Have you always been a runner?
Yes and no. I've started and stopped running at different points in my life but it's not something that comes easy for me. I think in the months that I have been participating in the challenges on runwithe I have improved a lot!

Why do you run?
I run because it makes me feel good. It's an added bonus if it improves the way I look too.

How often do you run?
It depends on the week but my goal is 4 times a week.

When do you run?
This varies but most recently I have been going early in the morning before work. It was really painful at first but it's worth it.

Do you run alone or together with someone?

Always alone.

How far do you usually run?
I sort of have to base this on how much time I have. Before work it's usually 5-6 kilometers. Weekends I try to run further and just last weekend was the first time I ran 10 kilometers without stopping.

What kind of shoes do you run in?
Saucony Grid Stabil

How do you beat the "I don't want to go running" moods?
I just try to think about how good I'll feel after I'm done.

Thank you Marjan!

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