Monday, June 29, 2009

Iranian Embassy and running

There are times when I think those two blogs are too shallow. It may seem like I'm a shallow shallow running mom, only interested in my kids, running and the shape of my feet. It's not that I'm not interested in the world, I just think others do a much better job of reporting on current events. 

I read about Iran and the election like everyone else. And since the Iranian embassy is located in close proximity to one of my favorite runs, I'm aware that police have intensified security as a result of heated rallies in the past week. I now wonder if one can run there, like I usually do. 

And like Anders does too. One day when he was out running right by the embassy, nature called and he had to pick up the phone. Hunching in the bushes, he couldn't help thinking that the Iranians must have documented him -  a fit 30-something male hiding in the leafy surroundings of their important headquarters. 

The Iranians have shots of Anders's ass. We're pretty sure of it. The consquences of running can never be predicted.

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