Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My first competitions

On Tuesday, I'll be running together with Anders in the dorky "Couple" challenge in Hagaparken in Stockholm. It's a 5 km track that a couple run, but in opposite directions so we can high five each other on the way. 

Maja and her man Martin will also be running. Afterwards, we're heading for their apartment, to shower and have dinner. I'll post dorky pics along the way. 

Have also registered myself and runwithe runners Clara, Maja and Karin for Tjejmilen. We're the Buns of Steel team. Tjejmilen is August 30th. All Swedish female readers should run too! And those of you who're not running the Tjejmilen are welcome to run 10 kms on August 30th. I'm aiming for under the hour. My regular 10 km time is somewhere round 56 minutes, but I fear the massive group of women all around will slow down the pace. Though hopefully adding to joy!

I so feel like going running today but left all gear at home. Did you ever go running in your jeans? 

ps. That image is from Tjejmilens homepage. Not only do we need to run, but we also need to learn how to braid our arms. 


Alpha Monkey said...

My past experience is that competing in a crowd usually picks up the pace. You will have adrenaline pumping before the race and your natural endorphins will kick in sooner. The start will feel better than usual and settling in will happen sooner. If you do the math just having that sharper start will reduce your time. You may find yourself able to settle at a bit faster pace as well.

As far as navigating the follow toddlers and preschoolers around all over Stockholm regularly. You'll do great!

Anonymous said...

good luck emi! Have fun at the race.