Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Important question

Should I start a "Walk with e" too? For walking only?
Would you be interested in that?

What do you say all ye pregnant, tired, injured people?


Anonymous said...

how about walk and run? Or walk and run (a little bit) and then walk some more? Though I guess that would be a tad long for a title. . . I read this blog all the time but usually lurk because I am not a Runner with a a capital R-- one complete with sleek thighs and extensive knowledge about things like splits and tempo runs and other impressive jargon--not yet anyways! But you give me hope so thanks!

emi guner said...

it sounds like you'd like a walk thing though. I'll think about it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm up for that. I'm currently observing ramadhan (fasting during the day) until arnd end of september. I've been walking anyway, recovering from knee pain.