Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rekindling an old flame

This morning I woke up, intent on going running. It was 6 am. It was beautiful out. I put on my training gear and went outside but did not run. For the first time in about a year, I went for a brisk walk instead. I even found a golden coin, worth 10 kr, about a dollar. It's now my lucky coin.

Walking used to be my everything, I was always a walker. Then running swept into my life and made me forget all about walking.

Walking was my first love. I love it still. I might be doing a little more two timing over the next few months.

Do you walk? Or just run?

ps. No walking in run with e though. Running only. I wasn't using the Nike+ kit.


Enna said...

I am soooo a walker. I love it. You get to take in everything around you.

emi guner said...

you're just reading us enna? come run with us!

Heidi said...

I'm totally with you Emi. I could walk for days. On the days I don't jog, I try to go for a long walk instead - like to the coffee shop all the way across town, or to the flower garden in Golden Gate Park...

C said...

I'm not a walker. I'm a runner.
After many years of walking with wagons and walking because of pregnancy problems I'm so happy to run again.
And now that I'm home with my 2-yearold who is about to start preschool I think my wagon-walking is such a waste of time. Why walk when you could run?
Many persons say to me that when they lived in town they walked everywhere. At that age (20-30) I took my bike or ran or ran to the nearest subway station. And as a kid I thought walking was so boring, so I ran to school. Ran and walked – just like the intervall training.
I'm also rekindling an old flame.
And this is how I see my life: now that I'm not pregnant I'll run until I get so old that I'll have to walk again.
I will run in running shoes and run to every station I could of walked to – in any shoes.