Thursday, November 18, 2010

Before + after or show me where you run -Emi

Ok hands up people who really felt like going running this cold, gray morning. My hand is now touching the floor. But I put on running gear anyways cause you can't always succumb to your inner lazy child. Here I am pre-run, walking the kids to daycare and school. Vanja took this pic, that's why you can't see her.
What I saw on my run. Beautiful winter landscape.
Ran into my neighbor Matilda.
Kept running.

Back home. Happy, warm, ready to shower. Have never regretted going for a run once it's done.

Now send me your pics!


Ciléne said...

Took photos yesterday, cold as hell and dark and all looks weird... Will e-mail you as soon as I find a moment.

BlitR said...

I would show you but it looks like you've already taken the same pictures I would take in...about an hours time :-)


emi guner said...

all pics welcome! so looking forward to this!

Law of Attraction said...

I have never regretted a run. I will say I have regretted not running too many times to count. I'll send some pictures from tomorrow morning.