Friday, November 12, 2010

Training Lisa Chong -week starting November 15

This week, get your three workouts in and indulge yourself for doing so great. To my mind, this indulgence should not be food or drink-related as I think it's confusing for the brain to always think of gratification or comfort in terms of food or drink.

I'm sure you know something else that what would feel like an indulgence.

This week, try to run continuously for 2 km. You can do it. Then switch to walking for 1 km, then run 1 km then walk your last 1k=5k. You'll soon be able to run a slow 5 k.

Also, do you have an iPhone? am thinking of setting up a challenge for you!


S.T.M. said...

I have a droid. Or I have an iTouch, will that work?

Anonymous said...

Hi Emi, I'm also still here.. but at least one week behind schedule - actually more like two. And I don't have an iphone. But I am still running feel more and more like a runner! Nat

emi guner said...

you mean an iPod touch? yes, seems it will work with that too! not on the treadmill (then you'd have to use the nike+ app but the nike+ gps seems to work on ipod touch for trail running.

and yes! go Nat!