Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First kilometer is the hardest

This week, starting today, you will try to run one kilometer without stopping. You might think this is impossible, but before the week is over, before Tuesday November 9th, you will make it.
I promise. Just keep running. Tell yourself it will soon be over. Tell yourself each step makes you stronger.

you can do this.
i know you can.
cause I myself once thought it was impossible.

Little known secret about running: Just like the first million, the first kilometer is the hardest.


S.T.M. said...

Ok, so last week I did the 5 minute, 2 minute walk, 2 minute run once and really hurt my calf. I ran some last year on and off with the Couch to 5k and never got hurt. I think I hurt myself this time because I tried running too fast and it was my first time back on the treadmill-I had been "running with e" outside up to that point. Anyway I took the rest of the week off because I was fearful of making things worse. Started up again today and thought I would just restart last week's program, but I was feeling so good I kept going all the way to the kilometer. It took me over 7 minutes to do it, but my legs (and myself) feel great! I finished up the 30 minutes with the 2 minute run, 2 minute walk. As long as I take it slowly, I'm beginning to think I may actually be able to do this. Thanks E!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a bit behind.. doing two minutes run, two minutes walk still! Nat