Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Addicted to Lance 2

Yesterday I ran faster than I felt like, just cause I wanted to hear Lance again.
I ran 5 km. I ended the workout. I was faster than ever. But no LANCE!
turns out he only gives you praise if you tell the iPod you will run 5km in advance.

poo poo. don't repeat my mistake.


linda said...

I use the "grundlÀggande" workout every time, but Lance still cheers me up sometimes. If he feels like it.
Perhaps he just wasn't in the mood yesterday?

-e said...

this gets me so upset!
fuck him and his random praise!

Anonymous said...

I used to think that Lance congratulates if you run faster and Paula if you run longer. "This was your longest workout to date" she said to me. Several times. To hear her I try to run a little longer every time, but now she is silent.
To hear Lance I say to the thing that I'm running 5, and then I run a little longer. He is amazed by me. He tells me every time how much better I did than I promised. But Paula has left me.
No my kids have a bad cold, two of them with severe breathing problems. This I would like to tell Lance and Paula. Maybe they would congratulate me for being such a strong and faithful mother?
Instead of being so silent.
What do you think?
Clara B Hane

-e said...

I wish I could record such messages and install them into your iPod.