Thursday, August 7, 2008

Without the Nike+ thing, indeed

I went running yesterday and today and both times I forgot the friggin iPod and thus have NO logged kilometers despite the fact that I covered 9 km in sweat. Oh well, vanity, I'll do it over. another day.

Also, know what happened to me? I had my Nike+ thing calibrated wrongly. Turns out I've been running much faster and further than I've thought.

Since I forgot the iPod at home, I couldn't run with music and so had to focus on birds singing, the scent of raspberries in the forest, the sight of ripe blueberries and the sound of my own breathing. My thoughts came and went.

The entire time I was missing the music like crazy.

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Guro said...

I had my first run yesterday, and this is what I ran to:

Cornershop- Brimful of Asha-Norman Cook remix
REM- What's the frequency, Kenneth?
Gnarls Barkley -Crazy
Håkan Hellström: Rammlar
The Roots - The Seed v.2