Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Yelena Isinbayeva

I didn't run as fast as many of you, but I ran faster on my 5kms than I've ever done before. Paula Radcliffe told me so.

This is how I felt afterwards:


Anonymous said...

Good running Emi!
I want to be a part of this so much; 1) because I just started running, and 2) because I love you. BUT... I don´t have the right equipment and I`m not a very technical person so I don´t think I´ll be getting it either...

Anyway, I ran 5 km today, be proud of me... And IF I get the Nike-plus stuff, will you help me get started?


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Olympics: I am the Danes. That is the Danes that won the sailing – Jonas Warrer and Martin Kirketerp Ibsen.
This I did not know until a couple of minutes ago, when I told my husband that it's over. Before
today I thought I was doomed to be #4 in this competition, but now it looks like I'll be #5 at the most. Didn't run today either, as my eldest turned 5 (hurray!) and the preschool had parents picknick.

My husband answered that HE still is positive that I will win.
Even though I have a baby and no babysitter plus two other kids. Even though my only chance to run is to make my whole family wait for dinner an hour. Even if I'm not as fit as I guess you are.

And the reason why I will win is that you all will turn over in some way or another. And there I will come in my borrowed Croation boat.
Just so that you know: it's not over until it's over.

best wishes,
Clara B Hane

-e said...

klart jag hjälper dig karin!

and clara, you might very well win.
unless I wake up tomorrow and feel like a champion.

congrats to your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Wow JMOSTROM! Tell us all about how you did it!
How are your legs?
How did you find time?
And energy?
What is your croatian boat?
Clara B Hane