Sunday, August 17, 2008

Improvement please

I love it that you're here, and that you run.
But would it kill you to comment?
I post questions every day, no one replies.
It's tragic.


Kristen said...

Hey there! I think I ran across your blog from Decor8. Maybe a friend of yours left your blog as a link. the fact you talk about running. I SO need to get back into running but we're buying a house. I've been consumed by that. I love my nike+ gadget though. I used to keep a blog about running and my first sprint triathlon but haven't added to it in a bit. Well, just wanted to say hello! Nice to meet you! ~Kristen

Anonymous said...

I admit. I have been rude enough to only answer you in my head, and that won't do.
So here is some improvement:
I'm so greatful that you make me run that I don't know how to express it. My English is not as good as yours.
But anyway: without your blog and challenge I wouldn't fly like this.
I wouldn't run as far.
I wouldn't run as often.
Maybe I wouldn't run at all.
Also my legs wouldn't hurt so much.
My family would't have so late dinners.

And I do respect you a lot. But I don't think about myself as a train.
I think about myself as a goat. A mountain goat made for hills.
What's more: I keep working on the perfect playlist and will send it to you when I'm ready. You will be surprised to find out that there is only songs of John Legend. Not that his music is made for runnings, but I love his voice and lyrics.
Are you familiar?
I'm also considering making a list of all the power songs of the members of your challenge.
I don't think it will beat John Legend.

Thank you for making me doing this.
Thank you for making my husband saying that he can wait with dinner because that he sees that running makes me happier.
Thank you for making me happier,

-e said...

Clara, this is so beautiful!
Thank you.

-e said...

Hi kristen! when you're buying a house you need to run to calm nerves. so many decisions. just run.