Sunday, August 17, 2008

The drama

so ok,perhaps not every day. but often enough! I love interaction!
talk to me!


Anonymous said...

hi everyone,

i'm new! irina in munich. nice to meet you

and i have a question, too: anyone else running the nike+ human race on aug 31? anyone out there who lives in LA, London, NYC, Shanghai, Melbourne, Paris? Munich? Seoul?

Guro said...

I see you have all ran way more than me lately, but I have an excuse: I have been moving.

That is, from one place to another. So all that painting and carrying boxes has kept me from running.

By the way, I totally understand this feeling:

I guess you haven't regretted sealing the deal?

-e said...

You're moving! Congratulations!tell me about the new place!

Guro said...

The house is so beautiful!

It is a radhus (a house in a row??) from the 1960s in Oslo, north of the city centre and close to the woods. Perfect for running!

I will come back in a later challenge, as soon as we get internet access at home.