Monday, January 5, 2009

-11 grader. 14 degrees fahrenheit

I ran past this house, trying to imagine a former life there as countess, maid or gardener.

And then past the little badstuga.
It was so cold. my coldest run.

Two days prior, I'd been running with double tights. That didn't work. I felt like running with a frozen leg of lamb in each leg of my pants. very stiff.

then bought fleece lined windproof winter tights. that worked at first, but then I really started freezing. also experienced the bizarre feeling of sweating above the waist and super freezing below.

it was beautiful though. always something.

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Meg said...

Hi Emi--I will upload my pic soon---I also run in -11 and lately I've been wearing nylons under my tights...seems to be working!