Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't let the Californians win this so easily

They're sporty, they're gorgeous, they have the Santa Monica pier, Hollywood, The Monterey aquarium, Deetjen's Inn, Big Sur, Hearst Castle, cute otters, sand dunes, Mickey Rourke, San Francisco, earth quakes and redwoods. The question is: should the Californians have this victory too?

Give them a tough challenge. 
Guro, Cilene, Josefina, - all of you. These Californians are the descendants of the people who left our part of the world. We have to show them our ancestors stayed cause they wanted to, not because they were too weak to get on the boat. 


(yeah, I haven't even run a km yet. I'm a descendant of the rotten few who hoarded potatoes and kept them to ourselves, not moving an inch either way.)


Anonymous said...

We have the distinct advantage of warmer weather and more daylight. Trust me, it's you hardcore people who run in stockings who motivate me to get out there and not be such a wimp! -Christine

Alpha Monkey said...

Maybe you are hoarding your km like those potatoes! Could you be sitting on them until someone is at 95k and then drop the whole 100 on us at once?

My genetic heritage is that I would have been the one pulling the plow when the mule broke down. I trudge but I don't stop. Like a Sherpa with body fat.

Guro said...

Okay, I took the challenge and ran 10 kms for team Scandinavia today.

The weather was not to bad. 0 degrees celcius is nothing to complain about. But the darkness is a bit challenging.

Miss Zoe said...

I am trying to run (whinge whinge excuses excuses) but its 40 degrees here every day this week- I'm going to have to get up super early just to make it outside....

lindab said...

How about a team challenge next time?
Team Europe against Team America+Asia or something like that?