Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ian C Rogers shocker

Known to most people as a devoted husband, father, skater and 24K, 24/7/365  music/computer geek, Ian C Rogers is, as you all can see, also a dedicated runner. Meanwhile, gallery owner  Ciléne, known as one of Swedens top MILFs reigns this competition outside the box. 

But soon, perhaps even in our next challenge, Ciléne will be back within the orange square of Nike+ users. She's on her 6th  Nike+ set in less than a year. It might be her extraordinary magnetism that upsets the sensitive Nike+ apparatuses (yes, this is indeed one the correct plural forms of apparatus, I have checked so don't let it upset you.)

Born again runner Alpha Monkey continues to put in her kms day after day, delighting both herself, me and perhaps her dogs with her energy and dedication. 

The rest of you are equally worthy of cheer. This weather - this time of year, your running is one big finger to January: you're not letting January bring you down! Bow down January! 

With 75 kms to go, this challenge is still up in the air. Some of us have not even begun running yet. 

1 comment:

Ciléne said...

MILF? Magnetism? Emi, you're crazy. But after due consideration I have decided to take it all as a compliment. Thanks.