Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are you up for this?

My friend Thomas is challenging friendly runners to run 1000 kilometers in 2009. 
Are you up for it? Mail me and I'll tell Thomas to add you too!
My mail is


Meg said...

Ladies I'm out. It's -30 C today. And the ice is getting really dangerous. It's indoor exercise videos for me---:(
See you in a month or so. I hope.

R said...

That would be a good motivation. I was aiming for 500 this year. But what the heck... add me!

azreens[at]gmail[dot] com

Guro said...

Oh Meg, -30 C, that's crazy!
It's pretty cold in Oslo again now, too. - 9 C and snow. I think I'll be cross country skiing this weekend instead of running.