Sunday, January 18, 2009

Do this for me. For us.

Just this once, bring a cellphone on your next run and snap a picture of your running grounds. I'm so curious about what it looks like where you run all over the world. If you hate bringing stuff on your run, just take a picture post-running of what you wore during the run. I will post all of it here. And I will start by posting a pic of my cold running gear from yesterday as soon as my man and son wake up in the room where that stuff is.


lindab said...

I'm sorry. You really deserved to win, but when you stopped with less than 3 km to go, I just had to go out and run like a mad person.
I never thought I could run that far.
(And right now it feels like I don't ever want to do it again.)
Without you I would never had done it. Thank you!

Heidi said...

Holy sh*!!! I'm totally impressed. Lesson learned ;)

Congrats Linda - nice finish! -h