Saturday, April 11, 2009

2-time winner: Heidi

Now that you've been running for a while, are you getting more interested in participating in races?

Not at all. I like running my route, on my own, and have no interest
in running a proper race. Also, those races seem to start at ungodly
early hours in the morning.

 A marathon, how does that sound?

Wayne (bf) did a marathon last year, it was hardcore. Not just the
race itself, but the training leading up to it. Not for me.

I'm currently trying to learn how to run without music. Any suggestions here?

I stopped running with music a few months ago (for the most part). I
like running to podcasts now - interviews, news, etc. The time really

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Guro said...

I have too stopped running to music, and I'm listening to podcasts instead. Works great for me!