Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meet the winners -Ciléne

Like we all knew she would, Ciléne grabbed victory by the balls and left the rest of us far, far behind. 

I know Ciléne from various mailing groups, where she was always frank, funny and clever. I tried to get her running with us but she had the WORST luck with the Nike+ equipment. I think she tried 8 sets before it finally worked!

Ciléne lives in a magic apartment in Stockholm with her tall son Cuno and her mini-me daughter Chloé. 

This is what Ciléne has to say.

How did you get involved in the runwithe challenges?

Well, I first encountered Emi on the mailinglist “Morsorna”, back when she had only one child. Then I followed her “Letters to Marc Jacobs” and then Letters from the end consumer” and thus runwithe as well. She was so enthusiastic about this Nike+ thing that I bought it. And then had months of hell before it actually worked!

Have you always been a runner? If not, how did you get started?

Hahaha, hell no. I’ve always thought running was nerdy and boring and felt sorry for the poor bastards I saw running. Now I’m hooked but I still don’t think of myself as a runner. It took me years to get into it. I liked the idea of it being so efficient and possible everywhere but sort of always felt it was boring and hard. I think I got really into it last December when I was in Miami and ran every day on the beach.


Why do you run?

I like the way it makes me feel strong and quick and energetic and I need to be those things to handle everything that is going on in my life. I also like the solitude of it, to just run and let my thoughts wander.

How often, at what time and how far do you run?

It really depends on my schedule with work, kids, travel but I try to do it 3 times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less and at any time of the day really, although I prefer mornings. I used to run around 5-6k but these past days I’ve done 7-10k and would like to continue doing so.


Haruki Murakami writes about how his body slowly transformed into a runner’s body. Have you noticed any such body changes?

Not really but then I have not made his decision of living only in a very healthy way... One of the upsides of running is to be able to get away with other things I like – like good food, great wine. And desserts, But I have become leaner since running regularly.

What kind of shoes do you run in?

Nike something, not sure what.


Any equipment you long for?

Yes, appropriate clothing. I do laundry way too often.


What music do you run to?

I can’t seem to find the time to do the ultimate running playlist and I’m not as in the know as I’d like to be so it’s mostly old stuff – Grace Jones, Fine Young Cannibals, Everything but the girl, James Brown, music from when I used to party a lot. And BWO is great for running quickly. 

How do you beat the "I don't want to go running" moods?

Either I just do it anyway or I don’t. No method there.



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