Sunday, April 19, 2009

What Zoe sees

Zoe runs with us in Melbourne. 
She writes:

hope you're well! Its my birthday today and I was given a beautiful new camera- so I took it on my run and snapped some pics of where I run... its along the Yarra River towards the city (Melbourne). Today was a lovely sunny day, its a glorious view on days like this, but I hate running in the sun so I usually go a lot earlier or a lot later in the day, when its not so bright and hot. But its great running along the river with the city just over there. Its a really popular trail with lots of runners, walkers and cyclists, specially before and after work in peak hour. I usually get overtaken by some very fit elderly man which spurs me on to chase him- if he can run that far so can I, dammit!

Thanks for all the challenges- its really making a huge difference to my running motivation.


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MollyH said...

Now that is a place with inspiration! Great photos. :)