Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meet the runners - Moa

Moa had a blog in Sweden's leading newspaper covering her month of extremely healthy (some would say joyless) diet and lots of exercise. Now, she has a new blog where she writes about trying to stay in shape.

I've urged her to come run with us and now she is. Without the iPod, but with determination. She's about to turn 40 and wants to reach her goal weight of 65 kgs (143 lbs.). She also wants what most women want: She wants to look great in a bikini.

She's not just running with us though, she's also working out with NMT - Nordic Military Training.

I'm positive Moa will reach her goal. And hope she will keep running with us. Cheer her on!


MollyH said...

Moa...Good luck with the goal weight! Since the beginning of the year I have lost almost 25lbs. I have about 15-20 more to losse and this has been a great motivator. Keep us posted about your progress! :)

Heidi said...

Welcome Moa! Great to have you with us. -h