Monday, April 27, 2009

And I'm out

I've given birth 3 times. It's been fine. I have what's called a high threshold when it comes to pain. SO this blisteer/chafe thing, I didn't care so much. I put a bandaid on and let it be. Then I couldn't wear a shoe. Then I started to limp. Then I went to see a foot person. 

She was disgusted. She kept saying "it's infected and the infection is SO DEEP. It's so deep. I's been a long time since I saw such a deep sore." She cleaned it, made me buy really ugly sandals and told me to go see a doctor. 

When I asked if I really had to buy the sandals she added that if I didn't treat the infection right, it might spread to the bone. Jimmy Choo never had to use those kinds of arguments to get customers. But I tell you, Jimmy (or Tammy, if you know what I'm talking about since Jimmy is really not all that involved anymore), it works. 

It sucks. And I don't know if I'll be able to run for a few weeks. perhaps only on treadmill. if at all. 

first injury - check.


lindab said...

ååååååååh, poor emi!
sounds terrible.
hope you get better soon!
in the meantime, maybe you could cheer your foot up with some too expensive nailpolish or something?

i haven't got any blisters, but still haven't been running at all. i'm one of those many bad kates that are deeply ashamed. perhaps next time...

Ciléne said...

OH NO! Poor you poor you poor you and poor the rest of us Julias and Kates as well... I hoep you get better quickly. Ugly sandals are a curse, second only to having fucked-up feet.

Alpha Monkey said...

You are way past the table sugar cure! I think the best course of action would be a trip to an exotic location so you can run barefoot on the warm sand. See if the Doc will prescribe that for you.

MollyH said...

That really just suck! Sorry, and I hope you get back on your feet soon, in your Jimmy's too! : )