Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My most recent run

Before my chafe put an end to running, this is what I saw last Saturday:

Lovely Långängen. There'a a cafe in the main red building.

A pair of friends enjoying the nice weather.

The competition. As I ran past him, he said "NO! This can't be happening! YOU, running past ME!!!". It happened. He wasn't fast. Shouldn't be so surprised.

This part of the run is not very pretty but I like it. It's weird and feels like a bridge.

They have lots of horses here. Horses that seem to have a pretty decent life.

There was a wedding at the local church. They didn't see the running paparazzo.I was too fast!
Done. 10 km. Such a beautiful day, such a great run. Can't wait to go running again.


MollyH said...

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I would say I would travel there just to run with you, but you would leave me in your dust! : )

emi guner said...

I would not. come run with me!