Saturday, April 11, 2009

2-time winner: Josefina

We have two 2-time winners here at runwithe - Joesfina and Heidi. 

Now that you've been running for a while, are you getting more interested in participating in races?

Yes i'm VERY interested in participating in a run. I think I will
start with a 10K and probably not tell anyone. I did a 10K run a few
years back and it wasn't a good experience. I need to get use to run
with a lot of people around me and don't get depressed when other are
passing me (and are better then me).

A marathon, how does that sound?
That is my goal. The Stockholm marathon is in the end of may and I'm
not ready yet, one day I will.

I'm currently trying to learn how to run without music. Any suggestions here?
Why would you want to run without music? Is that a goal I should have?

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