Saturday, September 5, 2009

Are you unfit and tired, dreaming of becoming a runner?

I'm looking for a running rookie to feature here on run with e. I'm looking for someone who can't even run a kilometer without switching to walking. I'm looking for someone who's thinking enough is enough, tomorrow I'll start.

I want to train you over mail, to have you running 5 kms in half a year, 10k in a year. You can do it. You just haven't tried enough.

Mail me. Overweight and lazy people most welcome, but you must dedicate yourself to this. And you will need the Nike+ equipment.



Gillian said...

I'm definitely going to e-mail you. In fact,I'm doing it right now.

mrscwmouse said...

You won't want to feature me, but I'll email you anyway...just in case you want a challenge.

Kelley said...
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jen said...

I would LOVE to be a runner. But I have the whole "tomorrow I'll run" thing going on..... Do you still have space for a non-runner to become one?

Mademoiselle Oulla said...

I'd do it if you need someone who used to run but hasn't for 5 years and has had 2 children in that time and is home with them full time so this is a huge challenge for me - do I try to get out of the apartment for a jog by myself when workaholic husband is home or do I try to break out the behemoth double jogging stroller which I purchased because I do dream of becoming a runner and I am really glad I got it even though I have not made use of it yet simply because the girls play in the box it came in for hours every day. I am happy to have found your site in any case.

pat k said...

How about a double challenge? My 15 yo daughter and I BOTH need to get fit. She joined the xc team at her high school but feels embarrassed when she cannot keep up w/the others. I want to help her and myself!

Jacqueline said...

I was just poking around the net instead of running.. I definitely fall into this category. Please let me join your efforts. I'd like to get fit!

elaine said...

I've just had to fully undo the pants that used to hang - no nuzzle - on my hips 12 months ago.
My abdomen looks like a freshly skinned halibut caught in a snare.
I can't look any more.
Sign me up.....please.
I'll start tomorrow,

emi guner said...

welcome here!