Saturday, September 19, 2009

A note from Aymo

Aymo writes;
When I arrived in the US, Immigration took a special interest in me, and they started reviewing every single item of my suitcase, asking zillion of questions on everything ("What is this? A brief, I sometimes wear it under my trousers" etc...) It lasted forever, and I was growing very nervous. The guys were far from welcoming, and at some point I thought they would send me back to Europe.
Then one of them found my running shoes, and said, "Oh, you're a runner!" Oh yes, I exaggerated it a bit, and I suddenly became Usain Bolt and Emi Guner all in one. He was a runner too, of course, and that did it! If it weren't for running, I might have been sleeping in Alcatraz last night!

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