Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet the new runners - Anne

Anne runs with us in Rhode Island. She writes:

My name is Anne LaFex, and I live in Warren, Rhode Island. I am a student, though, so my roots are in Syracuse, New York, and even after seven years of school I still consider that my home.

I don't know why I run. I actually hated running throughout my years as a competitive athlete (I played water polo in college). When I started law school, I needed a quicker, more efficient form of exercise than swimming. Jumping in a pool and doing a 2500-3500 yard workout can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Add in changing and showering, and I was looking at 2 hours of my day just working out. For anyone who has gone to law school, you know first year doesn't provide the luxury of time. So I started running on the treadmill at my school's gym about two years ago because it was quicker and easier than anything else.

I moved to the place I live now over a year ago, and it happens to be only a block away from one of the bike/run paths here in RI. It runs 14.5 miles from Bristol, which is one town south of Warren, up to Providence along the water. When I moved to Warren, I started running outside because of the easy access to this beautiful and peaceful scene. Nowadays I run both inside and out, depending on the weather, how much time I have, and whether I'm at school or home.

ps. Anne's been having trouble with her Nike+. I feel for her. New to Nike+? You might need to calibrate your kit.

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